Is there potential for optimizing your customs processes? –
Our free Customs Quick-Check brings immediate clarity

Every manager repeatedly asks himself the question: How can I save costs and is there still potential for optimization somewhere within my processes? For customs processes involving cross-border goods traffic – whether import or export – with our free Customs Quick-Check, our experts for customs and foreign trade bring clarity for you.

1. Preparations
To be able to execute the Customs Quick-Check efficiently, during an initial telephone call, we find out which documents you already have “as standard” and which are quickly prepared. We concentrate on the products and processes with the greatest cost of goods in purchasing and the highest turnover in sales. For this, as an example for us, you are required to prepare a few delivery notes along with their corresponding invoices.

2. The Quick-Check
We take a close look at the most critical points in your goods traffic. We interview the employees responsible for import and export and scrutinize the processes together. In addition, we undertake the classification of your products. This is almost always worth doing. Because, “We have always done it that way” does not account for changes in the product or in the supply chain.
We also look at the implementation of customs procedures. Processing methods, transit procedures or the use of temporary importation procedures, when correctly chosen, will save customs costs and VAT. Finally, we look at the countries in which you buy your goods and to which you sell your products. Do you use preferences from free trade agreements? We can show you what is important to make the effort worthwhile.
After half a day at the most, Customs Quick-Check is completed.

3. Results & Proposals for actions
You receive a report from us once Customs Quick-Check is completed. It shows you, in black and white, the customs processes which are already running well and those with potential for optimization. Our recommendations for action provide an overview of the measures you can take to save on customs costs in hard cash and where you can reduce costs with better organized processes.

Our Customs Quick-Check is free of charge. Why do we offer this? Because we know from practice that the optimization potential in customs and foreign trade is often underestimated. With the free Customs Quick-Check, we want to demonstrate our expertise and create trust for possible cooperation. This is no longer free of cost, but we have competitive prices. And, our knowledge originates from the practice of the global Würth Group.


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