How good are your transport logistics really? –
Our Freight Check gives you the answer

Every manager is repeatedly asking himself; “How can I save costs and is there still potential for optimization somewhere within my processes”? For transport logistics processes, whether in the field of procurement or distribution, with Freight Check, our transport logistics specialists provide you with the answers.

How does this work?

1. Preliminary Consultation
First, we discuss your requirements, the challenges you are faced with and your goals. We check which data is available and in what form and talk to you on-site about your day-to-day experiences. On this basis, we create our own initial picture of your situation.

2. Analysis & solution approaches
After the preliminary consultation, we get to work. We check routes, quantities, freight invoices, flows of goods, agreements with service providers and – if available – process descriptions. In doing so, we examine all the neuralgic points of transport handling: order processes, information technology, delivery conditions, transit times, freight offers and invoicing procedures as well as customs processing.

Then we determine the most suitable carrier for your shipments in our service provider network. Our results show you the possible advantages of using a specific service provider. Which carrier is the cheapest? Which carrier will get the goods delivered faster due to shorter transport times? Which carrier offers additional services? It is up to you to decide how many and which service providers you use. Thanks to our online transport management platform, you only have one contact for all shipments. In addition, many process steps can be automated via our online transport management platform. This significantly reduces the workload in your day-to-day business.

3. Implementation
If you decide to work with us to introduce savings and improvements, we plan the implementation procedures with you in detail. We discuss where preparatory work remains to be done as well as evaluating which processes require reorganising and when the process reorganisation will take place. In addition, we assess which employees need training. It goes without saying that we implement “quick wins” immediately.

Terms & Conditions

Our Freight Check is free of all charge for you: the only condition being that, if you implement the project together with us, you must commission your shipments via our system. The overall transport volume of the Würth Group allows us to negotiate the most favourable conditions for our customers and efficiently handle the processes using our transport management software.

Contact APAC-Region

Andreas K. Sprint
+60 3 8021 01710

Contact Europe

Thomas Knorr
+41 72 421 72 70

Würth International AG
Aspermontstrasse 1, CH-7004 Chur
Kontakt: +41 81 558 00 00

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